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A timber house in Aleppo with multiple asymmetrical jetties.

The hamam in Souq Al-Atiq, Damascus, threatened by a development scheme.

Straight Street in Damascus, where St Paul once walked.

a typical street in Damascus;  in such situations, there should be a phased programme of placing services underground.

Hoi An;  fishing village on the river.

Hoi An;  traditional clamp kilns have been relocated to reduce smoke pollution in the old town.

Hoi An:  making edible paper in Cam Ha village.

Hoi An:  potters in Cam Ha village.

Hoi An:  tilemakers in Cam Ha village.

Traditional ship carpenter in Kam Kim island finishing a plank with an adze.

Hoi An market links the town to the river.

Hoi An street.

Hoi An:  fishing net in the Thu Bon river.

Hue:  the floating village on the Perfume River.

Kathmandu:  this medieval sattal with its important carved struts has since been demolished and reconstructed in concrete by the trustees, demonstrating the need for achieving broad consensus on the value of heritage.

Khokana village, potentially an additional monument zone in the Kathmandu Valley World Heritage Site, participated in our urban management project funded by the European Commission.

the construction of a large concrete medrese immediately outside the gate of Lalbagh Fort demonstrates the weakness of conservation legislation in Bangladesh.

this traditional timber-and-earth house was damaged during the 1996 Lijiang earthquake, but did not collapse.

a Yi woman on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain near Lijiang;  communities, including disadvantaged minorities, should be involved in site management.

the Mamlouka Hotel in Damascus elegantly demonstrates the beneficial reuse of a traditional building.

  Panauti;  the World Heritage nomination has been deferred because of institutional and legal problems in protecting the buffer zone.

"buildings at risk" registers have proven effectiveness in connecting threatened buildings with potential investors;  here, a traditional building in Panauti.

Durbar Square in Lalitpur, the centre of our EC-funded urban management project, successfully completed in 2004.

Swatha Square in Patan;  the World Heritage boundary was extended to protect the setting of the core area from unsuitable developments such as concrete house at the far end.

Plovdiv contains an outstanding urban fabric dating to the Ottoman period 

Souq Sarouja, Damascus;  a historic extra-mural district to which the authorities wish to extend the same protection as within the city walls, linked to utilising tourism to generate development funds

Toi O, a fishing village on Langtao island, comparable to the original Hong Kong, is a difficult choice for a conservation area, as the Special Administrative Region seeks to move from protecting individual buildings to broader policies of urban protection.

Tblisi is historically the most important of the three capital cities in the South Caucasus;  World Heritage status has been deferred because of problems in achieving the effective implementation of conservation legislation.

  Vigan attracts many Filipino but few international tourists, but unsuitable conversion for tourism development is threatening historic integrity.

Villa Tarabya by Raimondo d'Aronco, 1906, the Summer Embassy of Italy in Istanbul;  the adoption of an economical approach to timber repairs will make its conservation sustainable.

conversion in progress of a historic house in Damascus for WYG International, to provide living accommodation while implementing a major urban management project.

the prominent position of this house in Zeyrek, Istanbul, should make it a priority for finding a secure future.


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