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This traditional timber house is for rent on a picturesque island, BŁyŁkada, in the Sea of Marmara, Turkey  




BŁyŁkada house from the North-west         Transport in Buyukada                 Sea view from terrace

Historic timber house for rent in central BŁyŁkada (Prinkipo), the main resort island of the Princes Islands in the Sea of Marmara, easily accessible by ferry from central Istanbul . The house is a short walk from the village centre and convenient for shops and stands on the first street back from the waterfront, from which sea bathing is possible. Access to the rest of the island is by horse-drawn carriage or bicycle (motor transport is banned on the island).

The house, which has been modernised with up-to-date services, while at the same time retaining all its historic features (including an elegant winding staircase) and its original antique furniture, comprises:

Ground floor:

Dining room, kitchen, marble-lined shower room

First floor:

Sitting room, spare bedroom, WC

Second floor:

Two double bedrooms;  the front bedroom has a small terrace with a sea view.

There is a garden to the rear and side of the house. All rooms are fully furnished and equipped.

Price per week: 560 euros which includes electricity, gas and water.

Kindly notice that smoking happens in the garden.


Stein-Gunnar Sommerset
Rosenbergsgaten 9
N - 5015 BERGEN

Altin Ordu cadd. 20
Yali mah. - BŁyŁkada

Tel:       (+47) 55 23 20 78
Mob:    (+47) 99 62 62 02
Tel:       (+90) 216 382 12 41
Mob:    (+90) 537 987 98 12
Mob:    (+30) 693 267 58 29

Holiday house for rent on the Aegean coast of Turkey

The Mill House, a beautiful and spacious home, is one of the original stone buildings of the old Greek village of Domatia (now Eski Doğanbey) in north-western Turkey. It looks out at the forested hills of a national park and the delta of the Meander River that lazily flows into the azure waters of the Aegean.






Remnants of the old village mill, after which the house is named, are in the grounds. Renovated and refurbished in 1996, the house is surrounded by an oversized terraced garden alive with ancient olive, orange, tangerine, pomegranate and fig trees. Over the years new trees, pines, cypresses, magnolias and planes have been added







There are 120 square meters of living space in the house, divided into three units of equal size: an en-suite bedroom, a living room with terrace, and a kitchen-dining room.  2+1 can sleep on the first floor.

  For larger families, there is also an upper floor, which offers its own en-suite bedroom with a wide terrace and a panoramic view of the forest, the delta and the Aegean.




Amenities available include hot water, air-conditioning, washing machine, dishwasher and a traditional cooking stove.












First floor (sleeps 2+1)

One week: EUR 400

15 days: EUR 600

1 month: EUR 800


Both floors (sleeps 4+1)

One week: EUR 550

15 days: EUR 825

1 month: EUR 1,100


* includes housekeeping

Reservations                                                                                                                                                                                Please send an e-mail to for reservation requests and additional information.


This traditional house ( Trotsky's House) is for sale. SOLD

This house was built in 1885 by Demades as the summer house of Sevastopoulos-Triantaphyllides family. Later in 1932, Leon Trotsky took refuge here, before fleeing to Mexico where he was finally murdered by Soviet agents. The house was left vacant for decades afterwards and finally began to collapse in 1995


A Mansion with sea views, John Pasha Mansion , BŁyŁkada (Prinkipo) Island, Istanbul, for sale. SOLD

The father of John Pasha, the Count of Sala, was of Venetian origin. He moved to the isles of Lesbos in his childhood and married a rich lady and they had two sons : Thrasivolos Yannaros and Panagiostis Yannaros and three daughters. Thrasivolos then changed his name to John Pasha and established the first ferry service between Kadikoy and Prince's Islands . 

He built the timber John Pasha Mansion in 1880.  Set in grounds of 2,910 m≤ , the accommodation in the mansion consists of 15 bedrooms, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, three water closets, a kitchen office and a large garden.  

Street elevation

Garden elevation





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