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Conservation of Historic Buildings & Ancient Monuments

  Building Conservation Services has conserved and restored several hundred historic buildings and ancient monuments dating from the 12th century onwards in the UK, as well as providing practical conservation training in Great Britain and overseas. Specialisms include timber conservation, masonry conservation, earth structures, lime plaster, lime ash, daub and other traditional finishes, but we can also act as general contractors (illustrated, Chorley Old Hall, Cheshire).

Project Design

  We have considerable experience in the design and implementation of conservation projects, from small projects on a domestic level (including private houses) to providing specialist services for the design of major international conservation projects (illustrated, Patan Palace, Nepal).

Management and Conservation Plans

    The need for a high level of conservation expertise in projects concerning historic buildings and ancient monuments is increasingly recognised. We can act as sole manager of projects, but also as a member of a larger design team, where this is the preferred approach.  Conservation Plans can be prepared to provide an overall management and financial framework (illustrated, Womersley Park, North Yorkshire).

Recording, Survey, Interpretation and Planning Justification

    We can survey and record historic buildings, by hand, digital and photographic methods.  Documentation is an integral part of any well designed conservation programme - to establish the precise condition of a building in advance of repairs, but also in order to retain authenticity, so that the condition of the structure is recorded, together with the details of any intervention proposed or carried out. Such documentation is frequently required by local authorities to justify planning and development proposals and our expertise can provide valuable support for the developer (illustrated, 16th-century house recorded prior to relocation for Runway 2, Manchester Airport).

World Heritage - Nominations, Monitoring and Management

  The conservation design team have drafted no less than seventeen nominations of sites to the UNESCO World Heritage List of sites in nine different countries. Tentative Lists of World Heritage Sites have been prepared for six national governments. Our experts have undertaken monitoring missions on behalf of UNESCO and ICOMOS and have been responsible for implementing enhanced management strategies in a number of World Heritage Sites (illustrated, Luang Prabang, royal capital of Laos).


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